The Best Teams Act Like Musicians

The Best Teams Act Like Musicians – 99U Switch Chairs (and Roles) Often “The aggregate personality is really crucial, and it’s something that you have to address with a group culture that is subtle and trusting enough that collective personality will naturally come into being,” Play Your Part “…worrying about the legitimacy of one’s contributions […]

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When SMART is not smart enough

SMART – We have heard this many times in management presentations and/or have been advised that our goals should adhere to this standard. So what is SMART goal – S  – Specific M – Measurable A – Attainable R – Relevant T – Time-bound Also, the goals should answer these questions (W’s) – *Who:      Who […]

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Idolize Bill Gates, Not Steve Jobs

Good Article…. Apple is undoubtedly the gold standard of today’s tech world. In fact, it’s probably the gold standard of American industry at the moment. Its innovative design, user interface, and ecosystem make it a titan in any category it enters. And it’s clear that Steve Jobs was the reason Apple rose to its current […]

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Interesting Read from HBR

Interesting article from HBR on discovery and leadership. It is important that leadership is involved in process of discovery while working on ideas and innovations. It is not enough to participate in the staged reviews The Dangers of Delegating Discovery  Scott Anthony Delegation is a necessary survival skill for senior executives. But when executives delegate […]

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