Choice Paralysis

Good talk from Sheena Iyengar, must see Takeaways on Choice Paralysis Remediation: Cut – Less is more. We need more options to be successful might not necessarily be true. Concretize – Make it vivid. More information might not help in choice. What might help if you can see concrete outcomes Categorization – More Categories, fewer choices. Category should mean […]

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Interesting Read from HBR

Interesting article from HBR on discovery and leadership. It is important that leadership is involved in process of discovery while working on ideas and innovations. It is not enough to participate in the staged reviews The Dangers of Delegating Discovery  Scott Anthony Delegation is a necessary survival skill for senior executives. But when executives delegate […]

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Interesting Podcast – .Net Rocks

Takeaways from Podcast Handshake – Agreement after requirement gathering about vocabulary between subject matter export (SME) and the developer. Concepts to Ponder – Similarity Analysis and Cluster Analysis. Using Rules Engine to mimic customer behaviors. Carl and Richard talk to Loren Goodman from InRule Technologies about rule engines. Loren talks about how rule engines help […]

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What is Gyaan!!

Gyaan: 1. Trivial Knowledge (in the overbearing sense) 2. Someone giving gyaan becomes a chupper king Gyaan: Fully integrated knowledge of the Self; the vision of Oneness; awareness of the Self as the only reality.

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